Alex Santiago (he/him) is a Youth Advocate, Arts Educator, Musician and Poet of Puerto Rican and Irish descent. A product of the United States foster care system Alex bounced between nine foster homes and neighborhoods between the ages of 6 and 18. His work is deeply personal — dealing with displacement, violence, trauma, race, class, family, grief, and hope. Alex has performed at over 30 high schools as a member of “Peace & Love: Poets Against Domestic Violence,” and been featured in “AL DIA,” the premier news organization focused on the Latino American experience.


He’s been a spotlighted performer at the Odune Day Festival, Power 99’s Peace on the Streets Festival. Alex is a Brave New Voices Alum, former member of the Hamline University Poetry Slam (HUPS) Team and has taught workshops across Philadelphia, including at the Lenfest Center alongside Denice Frohman. His written poetry has been featured in Tony Danza’s book “I’d Like to Apologize to every teacher I’ve ever had.” Alex’s musical inclination lends itself to his poetry creating a style that is uniquely his own, lauded as an inspirational speaker Alex’s work is raw, invigorating and uplifting.  

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