River Mason is a Queer Latinx poet, performer, photographer and videographer. They received a BA 

in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. River’s poetry centers around queerness, identity, social justice, solitude, and mental health. They utilize poetry as a means to embrace and voice their sorrow-- but also their joy, resilience, and survival. River's work explores the human condition in the face of societal expectations. River aims to prompt introspection, creating a sense of belonging for all individuals so that they can comfortably explore their own personal narratives, interests, and vulnerabilities. 

River has been featured on notable poetry platforms such as Button Poetry and SlamFind. They are an Alumnus of the Babel Poetry Collective and a 2018 Philadelphia Pigeon Grand Slam Finalist. They have given spotlight performances at Bowery Poetry, Peecola Breedlove, Drop The Mic, and The Painted Bride Art Center. River has taught workshops at schools and colleges, and has been published in WusGood Magazine. Offstage, River can be found photographing poets in the Philadelphia area and creating content for The Philly Pigeon poetry slam venue.

"Bowery Poetry booked River to feature at our world famous open mic night. They performed confidently and with deep care and charm to a packed house of all ages and demographics,

and used humor and empathy to engage everyone, make the audience feel comfortable and loved, and found gentle ways to bring up profound themes. River has a great stage presence, and left the crowd truly wanting more. I would absolutely book River again."

- LAMARKS, Ars Poetic

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