The Intersection is a performance poetry tour featuring The Philly Pigeon Collective, one of Philadelphia’s longest running and most cutting edge spoken word poetry collectives. The Philly Pigeon Collective, Kai Davis, Jasmine Combs, and Jacob Winterstein cross boundaries of race, gender, sexuality and class to form meaningful relationships in one of the most segregated cities in America. Through performances, poetry workshops and community building activities, the trio builds bridges between students from different backgrounds and increases their Equity Literacy.


Students will gain valuable lessons about how to collaborate across differences for the betterment of their campus and community.  Through the lens of their diverse identities and shared hometown, the poets perform original work about how systems like racism, sexism, incarceration, red-lining, public education, and housing laws can lead neighbors to live in separate worlds. The Intersection pushes audience members to reflect on how they have been shaped by their environment, and feel empowered to change the places they call home.

“The  Philly Pigeon is at the epicenter of Philadelphia's vibrant poetry scene, operating from a multi-headed spirit of true collaboration and inclusiveness. Funky, funny, radical, and loving, the Intersection embodies the best of our city's voices.”


—Yolanda Wisher, Philadelphia Poet Laureate 2016-2017

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